Staff application By Nikon

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Staff application By Nikon

Post by Nikon on Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:43 pm

Your Real name: Daler

how old are you: 17

where you live: Country Russia city Chelyabinsk

GMT and Your Current time: ponel why do you need my time ?

are you multilingual? If Yes, in what languages? Russian and English

Tell us a little about yourself: I am good adequate and love to help hate cheaters

in-game name: Nikon

Your U. S. G. n ID: 150085

how many hours have you spent on the server: Not much but when I already played a lot on the server with such plugins

how many hours do you play per day: 5-10

why do you want to be officer: I want to help new players with questions about the server and open the closed shops and to ban cheaters

previous experience as a moderator/admin In other games

why should we accept your application: because I think I have the experience and adequate and I have long played on these servers

have you ever been kicked/muted/banned from a server : No

Any previous server bans? : No

How many applications have you done before: this forum is 0

any Additional info: Cheaters is evil - Admins is good

P.S I used translator, sorry if something is wrong


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